Transit Alert Revision – Be prepared: Transit service is permanently rerouted off of the Alaskan Way Viaduct

As of  Friday evening, January 11, all transit service is permanently rerouted off of the Alaskan Way Viaduct as work begins to realign roadways to connect to the new SR 99 tunnel.

The transit reroutes that started Friday evening will be in effect until the new SR 99 tunnel opens in February, then will be slightly revised long-term to take advantage of available travel pathways.

The information in this Transit Alert has been updated to reflect added stops on the rerouted service.

Expect traffic and delays
Get Ready
For the next several weeks, all traffic that has been using the viaduct will be rerouted into adjacent travel corridors.  While every effort will be made to operate transit service as normally and as close to on time as possible, transit riders are advised to expect possible significant delays and more crowded buses, especially during peak travel times. 

Transit schedules
Use the regularly published online or paper timetables for the scheduled times of all transit service, but expect likely significant transit service delays, as general traffic will also be using the same alternate surface streets.  It is always a good idea to get to the bus stop a few minutes before the bus is scheduled to depart.

Travel options
Riders are encouraged to plan or revise their commutes to allow plenty of extra time. 

Working from home, avoiding driving alone, ridesharing, using other transportation modes, changing travel times, riding the West Seattle Water Taxi, taking advantage of the new mobile app, Ride2 Transit, or taking some time off are options.

Revised routing for West and Southwest Seattle viaduct buses
Affected bus routes
Metro bus routes 21 Express, 55, 56, 57, 113, 120, 121, 122, 123, 125 and the RapidRide C Line will travel into downtown Seattle non-stop via the SODO Busway, S Royal Brougham Way and 4th Av S, before continuing onto Third Avenue and their regular routes and stops. With the exception of the RapidRide C Line, these routes will also serve the posted bus stops northbound on 3rd Av just south of James St and Madison St, then their regular stops north of Madison. The C Line will serve the posted stops northbound on Prefontaine Pl S just south of Yesler Way and on 3rd Av just south of Seneca St, and then its regular stops.

Heading toward their West Seattle and southwest destinations, these routes and Route 37 will travel non-stop via the SODO area after leaving their regular downtown routing and stops. Route 37 serves its regular route and stops when heading into Seattle in the morning.

In a slight deviation from previously published information, Route 125 also travels north through downtown Seattle on Third Avenue, then uses University St, Fourth Av and Union St to get back to southbound Third Av, where its next stop will be just south of Seneca St as it heads back to West Seattle.  No stops are missed.

Leaving downtown, these routes will use different pathways depending on the time of day. Additionally, SODO routing in either direction may be revised as necessary in order to keep buses moving, but regardless of the streets used, these routes will serve their regular downtown and West Seattle stops.

Only a few bus stops are affected
Heading in from southwest and West Seattle, the affected routes serve their regular routing and stops prior to their non-stop SODO area routing.

The bus stop on eastbound Seneca St just west of Third Avenue will no longer be served by buses from West Seattle.

All affected routes travel non-stop along their SODO routing.  Routes 21 Local in both directions and Route 37 heading into town, serve their regular SODO routing and stops, but may be delayed by traffic volumes.

North end impacts
While there are no expected long-term related routing or stop changes north of downtown Seattle, the same street realignment work is being done for the SR 99 tunnel portal near Mercer St, and buses that serve Seattle neighborhoods in the north end will also be affected by delays.

This work is expected to cause significant congestion due to increased traffic on all area surface streets and narrowed roadways along Aurora Av N.

The schedules for Metro routes 5, 26, 28 and the RapidRide E Line – as well as Magnolia, Queen Anne and South Lake Union bus service - are likely to be affected when general purpose traffic that would normally be using SR 99 is sharing surface streets.

As with the West and Southwest Seattle service, north end transit riders are advised and encouraged to be aware; use regularly published schedules; be prepared for possible significant delays, especially during peak commuting times, allow plenty of extra time, and consider different travel times or modes.

As is the case with West Seattle service, north end routing is subject to temporary revisions as needed to keep service moving in the event of blockages.    

Additional information
For information visit Metro’s Get Ready page.
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