PSERN Bulletin | October 2018


PSERN Project Updates

  • On September 12, PSERN spoke before the Regional Policy Committee reporting on PSERN's quarterly progress to King County Council.
  • Throughout the month of October, PSERN installed LMR Antennas and Transmission lines at eight sites. Read below to find out more about LMR!
  • Our construction team continues to work tirelessly on upgrading and constructing PSERN's 57 sites.
  • In September, the External Affairs Team started ramping up its efforts to contact end user agencies about how PSERN will affect you. 
    •   38 of 201 agencies were contacted in the month of September and October
  • Since last month, PSERN has been able to secure four more leases bringing our total amount of leases to 41 obtained out of the 62 needed. Securing leases is a vital part of success for PSERN. Without leases, our team is unable to construct radio sites. We continue to work closely with landlords and partners to ensure the success of PSERN.

Project 25 (P25) & PSERN

Project 25 (P25) is a set of standards that defines how different manufacturers of radio equipment can operate together. P25 standards ensures reliable coverage, lower costs, and customization for you, the end user.                                

How does P25 affect PSERN?

Allows effective, efficient, and reliable intra-agency and inter-agency communications 

  • Uninterrupted communications is key to radio users. When King County needs to interact with other counties, P25 ensures interoperability and reliable coverage allowing you to work effectively. 

Provides user-friendly equipment

  • Radios from different manufacturers are inherently interoperable. 

Radio Chatter

CenturyLink Field

Have you been following the Seahawks this season? Did you ride Sound Transit to CenturyLink Field? While cheering on the Seahawks, did you notice the paramedics and firefighters keeping you safe? Did police officers and parking enforcement officers directing traffic help you cross the street on your way home? All of these agencies are new PSERN users.

PSERN is a unified Public Safety communications network for King County. PSERN allows these agencies to communicate via their portable radios ensuring your game day experience went as safely and efficiently as possible.

                                  Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Land Mobile Radio

Land Mobile Radio equipment, or LMR, is the foundation of the PSERN network providing reliable voice communications to first responders, cities, and departments across King County. LMR supports interoperable radio communications.  

LMR equipment includes redundant radio frequency (RF) base stations (transmitters and receivers), tower antennas, and computerized control equipment all located in geographically disperse sites. This LMR equipment is what provides the ability for users, whether on a mobile, portable or dispatch console to dependably talk to others on the network.

PSERN LMR base stations are installed throughout King County and are engineered to saturate King County with PSERN radio signals. This large area is called the primary bounded area and includes approximately 43 base station sites with boundaries from Shoreline to Federal Way, to Enumclaw, to North Bend and Duvall. PSERN also partially covers mountainous areas of King County including Highway 2, Interstate 90, and Highway 410.

As more and more sites become available, LMR installations are ramping up and making great progress with several sites being recently completed and many more scheduled.  Separate crews are installing base stations, antennas and transmission lines, and we have approximately 10 installations scheduled before year end.


Project Schedule

  • User agencies should provide preliminary active radio counts by March 31, 2019 with final active radio counts submitted by September 31, 2019-- more information to come
  • End-user Radio Training-- more information to come
  • Deploy radios to users starting December 2020

Contact Us

If you would like to request more information about this project, or would like an in-person presentation for your organization, please contact the PSERN team via the information below. Include your name, title, organization, and the best way to contact you. Someone will return your inquiry within one business day.

General information about the PSERN Project: 

Call: (206) 477- PSERN (7736)

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