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King County
Records Management

Content Manager News - Records Management Leads

Records Management Lead is a new role, essential to successfully migrating from KC ERMS to Content Manager. Agency Records Officers (ARO) have been asked to select employees for the opportunity within each work group. We anticipate many of you, our readers, are going to be asked to fill these positions. To learn more about the asks of the position, and the training and materials that will be provided click Read More. 

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Tech News - Content Manager Drag and Drop Filing

Our new tool for managing records comes with features that will vastly improve the filing process. While we are still months away from releasing Content Manager, it is not too early to talk about the new drag-and-drop functionality. To learn more about how our new system will reduce the number of clicks needed to file records, click Read More. 

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Spotlight - Reorganizations and Records, What You Need to Know

Reorganizations add a layer of complexity to records management. There are a number of changes happening to the organizational structure in King County. Going through a department restructuring and unsure what that means for your records? Click Read More to learn best practices for managing records during a reorg.

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County Relations - Archives Month

October is when we recognize the effort to preserve records of historical value in King County. King County Archives is hosting an open house Wednesday, October 10th. The event will be going on all day and is a great way to learn more about how archival preservation efforts can help make the work we do here at the county really endure. They have wonderful online exhibits and blog posts that show how they are using county records to highlight local history. Our sister program is working hard to share the history of the county government but it doesn’t stop there; on October 9th from 11 am to 3 pm the Archives team is participating in a genealogy event hosted by the Seattle Public Library where they will be showing how to use local records in researching individuals. Click Read More to learn about how our two programs are connected.

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Records Management in the World -   Ephemeral Apps Vs Government Transparency

Popularity is growing for applications that encrypt and delete messages shortly after opened. This presents a difficult situation for county employees where work demands transparency. To learn more about the law around encrypted messaging and how it has affected one government office in Missouri click Read More. 

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