PSERN Bulletin | September 2018


PSERN Project Updates

  • On April 16, the King County Council voted unanimously to allow the Executive to execute PSERN leases without having Council approval. This went a long way towards moving leases through their review process faster and helped reduce project scheduling gaps. 
  • PSERN Project and regional partners’ technical staff, technical consultant, and user community representatives participated in the Land Mobile Radio Factory Acceptance Testing (LFAT) at Motorola's manufacturing facility in Elgin, Illinois May 15 – 25, 2018. This was a major milestone as it makes the new system equipment available for field installation.
  • Our construction team has been working tirelessly on upgrading and constructing PSERN's 57 radio sites
  • 65% of legal agreements needed for the 57 radio sites are either in the final approval phase or are fully complete. 
  • After construction is completed at radio sites, field installation of Motorola equipment, such as Land Mobile Radio (LMR), and testing occur. Installation and testing began in August of 2018. 
  • 21 Dispatch locations will all need to transition to PSERN which will require Service Level Agreement's. So far, Enumclaw, the University of Washington Police Department, and Bothell locations have been completed .
  • At the August, 23 Joint Board meeting, the board voted to add In-Building coverage to the PSERN Project Scope in a phased approach. The first phase includes three additional radio towers focused solely on in-building coverage. (The Joint Board is comprised of the four partners who own the current PSERN system, as well as representatives of the fire and law enforcement communities, and the King County Deputy County Executive as the Board's Chair. The Joint Board makes decisions related to scope, schedule, budget, and quality for the project.)

PSERN Operator Coming

After PSERN has completed installation of the new radio network system, a new non-profit PSERN Operator will be in place to run the new system. A few of the benefits you will be receiving are:

  • The PSERN operator will provide 24/7 service calls 365 days a year at no added cost.
  • Radios are covered under a 2 year warranty after full system acceptance.
  • The PSERN operator will update the software with monthly fixes to software bugs.
  • Software upgrades will be provided on an every other year basis.
  • No more time and materials billings for repairs to the system and dispatch consoles. Instead, it will be a fixed fee per month. 

New External Affairs Team

The PSERN Project has a newly formed External Affairs Team. Lead by Deputy Division Director, Kimberly Nuber the team is comprised of two Outreach Specialist’s and a Communications Manager. In the past few months they have revamped their outreach plan and are reinstating monthly newsletters. In addition, they will be taking the next few months to re-brand PSERN's look. 

The team is beginning to conduct outreach phone calls to all agencies affected by PSERN. The purpose for this outreach is to inform you of what changes are coming your way during transition from the current system to PSERN. 

Radio Chatter


Introducing the new Radio Chatter section of our newsletter. Each month we will be sharing fun and interesting facts about all things radios. Tune in each month to learn!

This month's fact:

When your radio is transmitting, your voice is simultaneously being transmitted to a number of radio sites located throughout all of King County. In addition to your voice being transmitted to these sites, your voice is also routed by computers using GPS signals for synchronization to users and dispatch consoles. This ensures that you can hear and be heard. Ensuring reliable coverage is one of the four key cornerstones of the PSERN project. 


                                  Photo courtesy of U.S. Government

Contact Us

If you would like to request more information about this project, or would like an in-person presentation for your organization, please contact the PSERN team via the information below. Include your name, title, organization, and the best way to contact you. Someone will return your inquiry within one business day.

General information about the PSERN Project: 

Call: (206) 477- PSERN (7736)

For questions about In Building Coverage: