PSERN Newsletter March

Equipment Installation at the Squak Mountain Radio site.


-Fiber Installation Complete and Tested at the King County Courthouse and King County Correction Facility

-Reached Tentative Agreement on Cougar Mountain Lease

-Appropriation Ordinance Package Transmitted to KCIT Business & Finance Team

-West Simulcast FCC License Granted

-Clearview Sub-lease passed the King County Council Budget & Fiscal Management Committee hearing

- First microwave equipment including our first antennas on towers at the Norway Hill and Squak Mountain sites

-USFS published the NEPA required Environmental Assessment for public comment . (This has been 2 years in the making and is the final permitting requirement for 7 of our USFS sites)



Equipment installations are happening!

Last issue you saw the many boxes of equipment in storage. Now, we are in the process of installing equipment at some of the sites. The equipment for the new emergency radio system is smaller, faster and more reliable!

install 2  

 Equipment installation at Squak!

 DC Power cutover at Federal Way!



Pictured left to right: Chief Steve Heitman, Chair; Captain Chris Lombard, Ned Worcester, Ron Tiedeman, Marina Zuetell, Scott Currie, Captain Greg Thomas, Sergeant Jamie Douglas, Assistant Chief Tim Dahl . Not pictured: Angee Bunk

What does the PSERN Operations Board do?


The objective of the PSERN Operations Board is to assist the PSERN Project and the PSERN Joint Board in carrying out their duties relative to the design, construction, deployment, and operation of the new PSERN radio system. The Operations Board assists the PSERN Project and the PSERN Joint Board in maintaining crucial dialogue with the agencies, departments, and jurisdictions utilizing the new PSERN radio system.


The PSERN Operations Board enables the PSERN Project and the PSERN Joint Board to receive feedback from and exchange ideas with the end users of the system. Thus, the PSERN Operations Board will support the PSERN Project and the PSRN Joint Board to more effectively reach their goal of implementing a cost-effective Land Mobile Radio (LMR) network using state of the art technology that meets the high standards and requirements of multi-jurisdictional critical life safety responders and general governmental users throughout King County.


Tasks May Include:

  • Developing a radio Features Plan
  • Developing a Transition Plan
  • Developing a Training Plan
  • Dispatch Readiness




The PSERN Implementation team meets weekly to talk about site updates, project scope & schedule, equipment installs and much more.

PSERN Electronic Communications Specialist, Clyde Weik & PSERN's Mascots give Newbie Marissa Ryan, Project Manager II a brief lesson on how the new emergency radio system will work behind the scenes.

  marissa and clyde


young 2  

CONGRATULATIONS to our very own Young Jang! She was recently promoted to IT Project Manager I!

Young started off as an intern for the King County Information Technology Department (KCIT). Her tenacity and drive quickly moved her up the ranks to an Administrative Specialist II.  Before joining the Project, the team was lucky enough to have Young sitting in one of their rows.  As fate would have it, a spot opened up on PSERN and Young joined the team  in 2016 as an Administrative Specialist III. Now once again she has proven she is a superstar and is working with the PSERN Site Development Team in her new IT PM I role!



We are continuing to spread the message about the new radio system! If you are on the current system and would like us to come speak to your organization, please contact us at

Here is a list of upcoming meetings:


KCSO- March 30 @ 10a


Snoqualmie First Responders -April 5 @ 10a


King County Fire Commissioners -May 9 @ 6p


DNRP Emergency Management- May 17 @ 9:30a




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