PSERN News- February 2018


PSERN NEWS February 2018

PSERN Team Accomplishments

The PSERN Project is still on track and moving fast and forward. Leases are even moving at a much quicker pace than in previous months. Below is a snapshot of accomplishments in recent months:

  • Cambridge radio site lease was approved by Council
  • Swan radio site lease fully executed
  • Federal Way radio site substantially complete
  • Kent Repeater radio site substantially complete
  • Project Schedule and Budget Baseline Approved
Suquamish site Battery and rectifier installation.: Carolyn Coleman

PSERN Team "Stands Down"


The PSERN Project took some time out earlier this month to do some team building away from the office. Consultants from Project Corps spent 2 days with the PSERN Team to help with organization, collaboration and internal communication tools. The purpose of the stand down is to help the Project continue to move forward successfully.

PSERN Training Update

We had some questions for clarification about the training model after the previous newsletter. Please see the information below:

One of the common questions we receive is when will training happen? How will it work?

The Project is using the “Train the Trainer” model. Each organization will send a colleague to go through training from the system vendor Motorola. Once they are done, they will take the information provided and develop customized training materials for your organization. We expect training hours to break down as such for Dispatch, Portable Radios and Mobile Radios trainings:

  • 24 sessions
  • 4 hour duration for each for each session
  • 20 attendees for each session

Please note that training will occur before first deployment of radios and dispatch consoles. More information to come soon. Stay tuned to PSERN News for updates and next steps!


PSERN Costs for Users


Aside from subscriber and accessory costs there are no anticipate direct costs from the agency to the Project.

If you would like specific information on potential costs for accessories and a radio features list please visit:

 PSERN Project Radio Features List

Common Optional Radio Accessories

Please keep in mind that there may be some agency costs that arise for items such as the following:

  • Training
  • Dispatchers for console transition
  • Subscriber deployment and testing
  • Funds needed to pay oversight by agency staff

If you have questions about specific costs please contact Sean Douglas, Technical Lead at

206-263-8094 or

Project News

A message from David Mendel, Director, KCIT Emergency Radio Communications Division:

"It is my pleasure to announce that Kimberly Nuber will be stepping in to fill the role of Deputy Division Director for the Emergency Radio Communications Division in KCIT.  Kimberly has been a major contributor with the PSERN Project since she started nearly a year ago and the work she is doing will be helped with the elevation of her position.  Her work concentrates on working with government relations (internal and external to KC) and outreach activities related to PSERN Project initiatives.  Kimberly has been long time staff to former Council Member Jane Hague and recently received her Master’s degree in Public Administration from the Evans School at U/W.  The bottom line is she is more than qualified to step in and I know she will do great things for us in this role.

As my deputy, there may be times where she will be stepping in for me at various meetings, but regardless she will now take over Project operations when I’m absent and she enjoys my full authority in that capacity.  I’m sure you will find your work with her to be productive and professional, and I look forward to continuing the adventure we started back in 2008, called the PSERN Project."



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