PSERN Newsletter November- Volume II


PSERN Newsletter November- Volume II


Construction Continues Rain or Shine

It doesn't matter the weather report PSERN construction crews are working relentlessly on radio sites around the County! Rarely does weather impact construction in the low lands. Crews often work in rainy and snowy conditions. However, in the mountain areas it can get tricky sometimes! In those cases, work may have to stop for a few days or supplies might be airlifted in. 

Staying on Track


Team Administration Specialist III, Young Jang unveils the amazing new Tier 3 Board she created to the PSERN management team! The Monthly Continuous improvement tool for the PSERN team that shows performance, accomplishments and acts as a conversation starter within the team. 

PSERN Spotlight

Kimberly Nuber, PSERN Government Relations Liasion


Kimberly's work focuses on building and maintaining positive relationships within King County government and with Project stakeholders. She also works on strategic planning and special projects of importance to PSERN. What does Kimberly like best about her job? "The great Project team we have and the opportunity to work with a wide variety of stakeholders on a complex and critical project." The PSERN Mascots sometimes attend meetings with Kimberly. 

Peter Stallone , PSERN Electronic Communications Specialist


Peter is responsible for various in-office tasks such as updating site info such as addresses, latitude/longitude, FCC & FAA info, etc. "What I like most is the opportunity to learn new things about the technology, and knowing that I'm making a positive difference for the First Responders and in fact the entire County." The PSERN Mascots like hanging with Peter because he has great snacks! 

Quick Hits- Recent Accomplishments







  • We received the first of many Federal Communications  Commission (FCC) licenses approved
  • The Education Hill Lease was fully executed
  • The King County Council Budget and Fiscal Management committee passed lease agreements for the Northeast and Swan construction sites

    PSERN Mascot Mischief

    When the Mascots aren't helping PSERN staff with tasks or attending meetings they are always looking for things to do for fun! In this case they thought they would practice rescue tactics on Young's frog umbrella! 


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