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April 12, 2017


Race and Homelessness: Why White People can’t face up to Racism

In a recent Crosscut article, Robin DiAngelo, a white woman, shared why it is important for white people to have a serious conversation about race in America today.

On white fragility: “it ends up functioning to block the challenge, to stop the conversation. It’s actually quite powerful in its effectiveness. It really does block the conversation, protect our worldviews and allow us to continue on without really understanding.”

On racism: “if you suggest I’ve done anything racist you’ve basically just suggested that I’m for racism…and, of course, that is a character insult to me. And now I need to defend my character…. This makes it virtually impossible to talk to white people about the inevitable blind spots and assumptions and patterns that we have across race by virtue of living in the society that we live in.

On treating everyone the same: “I think that’s probably the number one white racial narrative. But that’s not actually humanly possible. We make meaning of the world through the cultural framework we were socialized to make meaning of it through. And it’s infused with biases and assumptions.

On the responsibility of white people on issues of race: “if white people don’t get involved in addressing it, we can only support and maintain it.

All Home Continuum of Care (CoC) Meetings

All Home Stakeholder Meeting: Ending Homelessness Through Racial Equity – A Follow Up Discussion

date: Wednesday, April 19 
time: 9:30am – 11:00am 
location: El Centro de la Raza, room 307 

Whether you were able to attend the March event or not, we encourage you to join us at our April Stakeholder meeting. We will be reviewing the data shared during the summit and offer an exercise you can utilize and incorporate into your work to further our actions in ending homelessness through racial equity. We will also be asking for your input on system-level efforts to address homelessness through racial equity.

If you haven’t had a chance to look at the materials from the March event, you can find them on our website here. Also, we encourage you to watch this 5 minute video on Targeted Universalism as another way to approach this work at your organizations.

Single Adult and Veteran Affinity Group 

date: Wednesday, April 19 
time: 11:00am - 12:30pm
location: El Centro de la Raza

All meeting dates, times and locations as well as other related materials are available on the All Home website. All Home Continuum of Care meetings are open to the public and attendance is encouraged.

What the Seattle Times Gets Wrong When It Argues We Shouldn't Spend More on Homelessness

All Home Director, Mark Putnam, wrote a guest editorial for The Stranger on the need to address homelessness, with urgency, at the local level:

“The cost of reducing homelessness has changed in Seattle and King County in the past few years…Rents have increased 57 percent in the past six years, six times the national rate. Just taking rent increases into account, not to mention the need to pay staff more so they can also live here, the costs to provide rental assistance to people living outside have increased significantly in four years. That number keeps rising with the cost of land, property, and rental units. Also contributing to homelessness is our underfunded state mental health system and a substance use treatment system that is not able to keep pace with the pharmaceutical industry-created opiate crisis.

The federal government is aiming to slash housing and healthcare budgets, and at the state level, House Bill 1570 (sponsored by Rep. Nicole Macri, 43rd) needs to pass through the state legislature to provide sustained revenue to address homelessness. If it does, it will help but it still will not be enough to meet the exponentially growing need. In 2017, it has become abundantly clear that we're going to have to address our homelessness, housing affordability and behavioral health crises locally.”

Affordable Housing Week 2017


The Housing Development Consortium is excited to announce King County's second annual Affordable Housing Week, May 15 - 22! HDC is kicking off this new annual tradition, alongside partners from across the County, to highlight the current need and potential policy solutions for preserving and creating affordable housing in cities throughout our communities.

In 2016, cities across the County banded together to fight for affordable housing in the region for our first ever Affordable Housing Week, and what a success:

39 AHW Partners
20 Cities & King County participating
24 Proclamations
157 Event Attendees
684 Emails sent by HDC advocates

This year, we hope even more advocates will attend city council meetings, community events, and participate through social media. A calendar of Affordable Housing Week events and additional resources will be online shortly. 

Homelessness Advocacy 101: Federal Edition

Join the Seattle/King County Coalition on Homelessness (SKCCH) for a fun, free, participatory workshop on Wednesday, April 19, 6.00 – 8.00 p.m. at Skyway Library. This federal iteration of the Homelessness Advocacy 101 series will explore:  

  • What does Donald Trump’s proposed budget mean for people who are homeless?
  • How can King County residents influence federal decisions about funding and programs that help, house, and shelter our neighbors?
  • The latest from Washington, D.C. about key budget and policy priorities related to housing and homelessness (funding for public housing, Section 8 vouchers) and related federal supports (Medicaid, Medicare, Food Stamps). 
  • A Civics 101 refresher from Nancy Amidei (Professor emerita at the UW School of Social Work) – how a bill becomes a law, who represents you in Washington, D.C. and how to communicate with them, and how YOU can be an effective advocate for housing, services, and shelter.
  • How to speak up and get other people to speak up with you!

Register for Homelessness Advocacy 101 here.

All Home Capacity Building Activities

All Home is committed to support system transformation efforts through relevant capacity building activities. The full Capacity Building Plan can be found on our website, here and all learning opportunities can be found on our calendar, here. If you are offering a training and want to get the word out or have a specific training need or recommendation for All Home, please contact Triina Van.

Partner Trainings

Equal Access and Gender Identity Rules Training Webinar

The webinar recording is now available on the HUD Exchange along with the presentation slides, speaker notes, and transcript. You can access the materials under Related Materials and Resources.

2017 Fair Housing Workshops for Housing Providers: King County Office of Civil Rights

Bitfocus Clarity General Trainings

Register for specific dates and times at:

Cross Agency Systems Training (CAST) for Adults and Child/Youth Services: King County Behavioral Health Recovery Division

Learn whom each system serves, goals of each program, services available to consumers, and how to access these services.  Systems represented include: Mental Health, Substance Abuse, Crisis Services, Child Welfare, Parent Supports, Juvenile Justice, Mental Health Courts, and more. Register here.

Job Opportunities

Accelerator YMCA

Resource Specialist II

Housing Development Consortium

Government Relations and Policy Director


Adult Chef Trainer
Career Development Specialist
Catering Servers
Chef Instructor-On Call
Chief Operating Officer
Employment Specialist
Human Resources Recruiter
Production Chef, On-Call
Restaurant Server
Program Development Manager
Café Crew Member
Café Manager
Coffee Shop Manager
Kitchen Manager

Solid Ground

Broadview DV shelter- Housing Case Manager

Neighborhood House

IT Support Specialist