Your East Lake Sammamish Trail - Fall Update

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East Lake Sammamish Trail
Project Update

Stormwater education
Happy Fall – Think Stormwater

As the weather changes and the rains return, increased stormwater can cause problems for your home or your neighbor's. The City of Sammamish recommends the following options to assist with drainage issues:

  • Consider replacing impervious surfaces like sidewalks, decks, and driveways around your home with more pervious materials or methods like mulch, turf block, pervious concrete or clean stone.

  • Review your home for stormwater handling. If your gutters, downspouts, driveways, or decks directly discharge into a water body, retrofit them by redirecting the runoff onto grassy areas or installing berm/swale systems. Make sure that you are not causing a problem for a neighbor or to your own house.

  • Collect stormwater runoff in closed rain barrels and use for yard and garden watering.

Learn more about stormwater by going to the City's website. Remember to check all subsurface drain lines on your property to ensure they are free of debris and functioning properly.

South Segment B – Upcoming Activities

The following activities will be happening along the South Sammamish B segment during the months of October and November:

Eastlake Sammamish ROW Stake
  • Staking the center line – Crews will begin staking the proposed centerline of the trail, which indicates where the center of the 18-foot wide completed trail will be located. Stakes will be hammered flat into the trail surface and be painted pink. Crews will install taller, wooden stakes off the trail adjacent to the centerline stakes that will show the station number and the number of feet offset from the centerline stake.

  • Safety – In order to maintain safety standards, trail construction will have a larger footprint than the final trail width. These temporary impacts are due to wall construction, stair construction, installation of a new stormwater system and construction of intersections. During construction, crews may use up to 15-feet on either side of the proposed trail centerline.

  • Staking the trail corridor – Crews will also be staking the boundaries of the trail corridor. These survey stakes provide King County and adjacent property owners a clear understanding of the respective property boundaries.

  • Removing stakes is illegal – In an effort to reduce costs and disruption to adjacent property owners, please do not remove any survey stakes once they are installed. As a reminder, removing survey stakes anywhere along the project area is illegal.

Washington Shoreline Hearings Board Rules on South Sammamish A

On September 14, the Shoreline Hearings Board issued a decision on several disputed conditions in the Shoreline Substantial Development Permit for the South Sammamish A segment (from SE 43rd Way to SE 33rd St.). The primary focus of the disputed conditions was stormwater runoff mitigation for driveways and private properties and the relocation of a stop sign at the intersection of the ELST and 206th Avenue SE. 

The Board determined the construction of the ELST will not cause any significant increase in the existing stormwater flows that can cause drainage issues near the project area, and the mitigation condition for existing driveway drainage issues was removed from the permit. 

The Board also removed the condition stating King County must relocate the stop sign at 206th Avenue SE to have trail users stop at the intersection. King County looks forward to continuing our partnership with the City of Sammamish as we move toward construction of the South Sammamish A segment, beginning as early as late fall 2016. 

Contact Us

King County is committed to being a good neighbor and encourages you to submit your comments and concerns regarding trail design to the City during the permit comment period. Outreach staff can be reached directly on the hotline Monday-Friday from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. 

Contact the project hotline: 1-888-668-4886

Email at