Transit Alert - Transit service will be rerouted & shuttles provided during this weekend’s SR-520 Grand Opening events

From Friday night at 11:00 PM through Sunday afternoon at about 4:00 PM, transit service that normally travels on the SR-520 Bridge will be rerouted via I-90 while the bridge is closed to traffic for Grand Opening events.

On Saturday until 6:30 PM and on Sunday until about 4:00 PM bus routes that normally serve the area around the University of Washington Link light rail station will be rerouted during the SR-520 run, opening celebration and bike events.
The Washington State Department of Transportation  (WSDOT) will close both the old and new SR-520 floating bridges for the Saturday, April 2 and Sunday, April 3 events.

Bus reroutes
Metro routes 27, 43, 44, 45, 48, 62, 65, 71, 73, 255 and 271, and Sound Transit routes ST 545 and ST 554 will be rerouted during all or part of this time, depending on their schedules, routes, destinations and direction of travel.

The weekend celebration concludes Sunday morning with the Emerald City Bike Ride.  Transit service will be rerouted in the Pioneer Square and Montlake areas during this event.

Bus stop closures in the Montlake area
During Saturday’s and Sunday’s SR-520 events, most bus stops in the vicinity of the UW Link station will be closed and will not be served by bus routes that would normally stop there.  Transit riders who want to go to or from the UW Link station can ride buses on Stevens Way, just north of the station, or walk to or from Campus Parkway, 15th Av NE or University Way NE for transit connections.

Saturday event shuttles
On Saturday, Metro will operate free shuttles between 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM to the SR-520 Grand Opening ceremonies from Montlake, Houghton Park and Ride, South Kirkland Park and Ride, and the Bellevue Transit Center.  These free shuttles are the only way to get on the bridge for the event.  There are no bikes allowed on the shuttles or on the bridge for this event.

Plan ahead
With good weather predicted, large crowds are expected for the Grand Opening event on the bridge. Even though the free shuttles will operate frequently, all event-goers should plan plenty of time, as bus/rail transfers, reroutes, closed stops, traffic, walking and likely some waiting need to be considered.

No bikes
There are no bikes allowed on the shuttle buses or on the bridge during Saturday’s opening ceremony.  Visit the WSDOT site for additional information.

Visit Metro’s Service Advisories page for specific reroute information.
Transit reroute start and end times may be subject to change.

Visit Metro’s online regional Trip Planner to plan your transit itineraries.

Thank you for riding and for using Metro’s services.