Washington Apple Health coverage for nonsterile gloves

HCA Apple Health

Dear Provider,

This notice is a reminder to providers that the agency pays for non-sterile gloves for eligible Apple Health clients and their caregivers when medically necessary.  The Apple Health benefit provides a minimum of two boxes (200 nonsterile gloves) per client, per month without prior authorization.

This is not a change in the current benefit.  This is a reminder notice in response to Substitute House Bill 2310, filed March 27, 2014, which provides for a Gloves Awareness Campaign to ensure clients obtain nonsterile gloves for their in-home care providers. 

For more information about coverage, including managed care organization (MCO) information on how to obtain non-sterile gloves, go to the agency’s Durable Medical Equipment (DME) website, and click on How to obtain nonsterile gloves for your personal caregivers. 

If additional non-sterile gloves are necessary, the provider may: 

  • For fee-for-service clients, request a limitation extension from the agency through the prior authorization process listed in the agency’s Nondurable Medical Supplies and Equipment Provider Guide. 
  • For managed care clients, follow the client’s managed care organization’s process.

Thank you.  

Provider Publications Team
Apple Health (Medicaid)
Health Care Authority  

Note: Please do not reply directly to this message. If you have feedback or questions, please visit the agency’s website at http://www.hca.wa.gov/medicaid/Pages/contact.aspx.  That way, your message can be delivered to the appropriate staff.