Wrapping up LTD enrollment

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Wrapping up LTD enrollment

Most school employees are now enrolled in employee-paid long-term disability (LTD), due to the change in the design, which began on January 1.

  • Nearly 71 percent are enrolled in the 60-percent coverage.
  • Around 10 percent are enrolled in the 50-percent coverage.
  • 19 percent declined the coverage.

Thank you for all your work in helping communicate and administer this employee-paid LTD change.

What’s next

Although the SEBB program provided communications to employees regarding the employee-paid LTD change, there may be some school employees who were unaware that they would be enrolled in the 60-percent coverage, or who may be surprised at the deduction in their paychecks for January.

If you hear from these school employees, please remind them that they can reduce to a less-expensive 50-percent coverage or decline the coverage at any time through SEBB My Account or by indicating their election on the Long-Term Disability Enrollment/Change form and submitting it to their payroll or benefits office. Either change will be effective at the first of the following month. For example, changes submitted in the month of January will be effective for February, and not retrospective back to January 1.

LTD Administration Manual

An updated SEBB LTD Administration Manual is posted on the BA website. Please review it in its entirety, with special attention to Employee-paid LTD insurance Billing Administration, beginning on page 14.


If a school employee wants to appeal their enrollment in employee-paid LTD, they need to appeal through the employer. The employer, not the SEBB Program, makes a determination, which the employee may wish to appeal. A school employee can appeal if there was an error on the part of the employer or HCA. They need to follow the usual appeal process as described on the SEBB Appeals webpage.

Please keep in mind that school employees may reduce or decline LTD coverage at any time, effective the first of the following month. School employees cannot be reimbursed because they missed the December 31, 2021 deadline to reduce or decline coverage. However, if your payroll deadline was before December 31, you should reimburse school employees who reduced or declined their coverage between the payroll deadline and December 31.

LTD is not the same as LTC

There has been some confusion about the difference between the SEBB Program’s LTD insurance and the state’s long-term care (LTC) insurance (referred to as the WA Cares Fund) passed by the Washington State Legislature in 2019.

  • LTD: SEBB’s long-term disability benefit replaces a portion of a school employee’s income lost due to accident, illness, or pregnancy. On paystubs, this will likely be under the heading “Employee Deductions,” along with health care premiums. School employees can decline employee-paid LTD insurance at any time, with the change effective the first of the month following the date the employer receives the cancellation.
  • LTC: Washington State’s long-term care helps pay for caregiving when school employees need assistance with activities of daily living, such as a nursing facility. This program is currently under review by the Legislature and may change. If employees come to you with questions about LTC, please refer them to the WA Cares Fund website for more information. Standard and the SEBB Program are not able to assist with questions related to the state’s LTC insurance.


If you have questions not answered here or on the LTD webpage, please let us know through FUZE.