Correcting dual enrollment in SEBB My Account

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Starting January 1, 2022, employees can no longer enroll in health plans under both the SEBB program and the Public Employees Benefits Board (PEBB) Program as an employee or as a dependent.

Employees may waive their enrollment in SEBB medical, dental and vision to enroll in PEBB medical and dental.

Employees will need to notify their benefits administrator of their intention to waive SEBB coverage for PEBB coverage to be able to waive dental and vision in SEBB My Account.

When an employee contacts you about waiving SEBB coverage for PEBB, select the employee’s Employment tab in SEBB My Account. Just below the Eligibility Reason drop-down menu is a checkbox, Eligible for PEBB Benefits. Select the checkbox and submit the changes. The employee will now be able to waive dental and vision coverage in SEBB My Account.

A dual enrollment report is available in Reports in SEBB My Account. From the reports drop-down, select Statewide Dual Enrollment by District.