Help your employees name beneficiaries for life and AD&D insurance

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Help your new employees name beneficiaries for life and AD&D insurance

Many employees don’t know that they need to name a beneficiary for their basic life and accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) insurance — whether or not they enrolled in supplemental coverage.

In June, MetLife will mail letters to school employees who do not have a beneficiary on file for life and AD&D insurance. These letters encourage employees to name a beneficiary and tell them how to do so.

Risks of not naming a beneficiary

Subscribers without a named beneficiary risk that their families will face a delayed payment if they pass away, or that the payment won’t be distributed as they intend. Help your employees avoid this situation for their loved ones.

How to enroll in supplemental coverage or name a beneficiary

Once you enter employees’ eligibility in SEBB My Account, they have access to enroll in supplemental coverage and update beneficiaries through the MetLife portal at any time.

The enrollment process includes steps to establish a beneficiary designation. If the employee doesn’t want to enroll, they only need to complete the beneficiary designation online or complete the Beneficiary Designation form.

Set up your new employees for success

Please promptly enter new employees’ eligibility into SEBB My Account, so they will have access to the MetLife MyBenefits portal to assign a beneficiary and elect coverage.

We encourage you to include the Group Term Life Insurance Beneficiary Designation form in your packets for new employees. If employees use the paper beneficiary form instead of updating their beneficiary online, employees must submit the form to MetLife for processing.

Your employees will appreciate knowing their life and AD&D insurance benefits will be paid quickly to the people they care about.