Distribution error for 2021 SmartHealth wellness incentive

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In December 2020, HCA sent files to Kaiser Permanente NW (KPNW), Kaiser Permanente of Washington (KPWA), and Premera Blue Cross with information on which SEBB subscribers should have received the SmartHealth wellness incentive in 2021. However, the files sent were incorrect. This means that some subscribers who qualified for the wellness incentive in 2020 did not receive it in 2021, and others who did not qualify for the wellness incentive in 2020 received it in error in 2021.

Note: This issue does not impact SmartHealth subscribers enrolled in Uniform Medical Plan (UMP). Regence BlueShield (which administers UMP) received correct files from HCA.

How many subscribers were affected?

Subscribers who should have received the wellness incentive, but didn’t: About 20

Subscribers who received the wellness incentive, but shouldn’t have: About 5

Subscribers who appropriately received the wellness incentive: About 4,400

What HCA is doing

The HCA will mail letters to affected subscribers starting in mid-May to notify them of the situation, and how their medical plan will reconcile claims for any services they may have already received in 2021. 

We will also provide you with talking points and Q&As as they become available.