We will need your help identifying eligible individuals for the COBRA subsidy

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The American Rescue Plan Act, which provides economic relief related to the COVID-19 pandemic, includes a 100 percent subsidy of the COBRA monthly premium from April 1 through September 30, 2021 for eligible individuals.

You will not be required to contact, enroll, or collect premiums for individuals determined to be eligible for the subsidy. The Health Care Authority (HCA) will administer the COBRA enrollment, as well as any associated appeals, and seek reimbursement from the federal government for the COBRA premium subsidy. To do this, we need to notify current COBRA subscribers and potential COBRA subsidy-eligible individuals who have lost their employer-sponsored health coverage.

We will need your help to identify individuals who lost employer-sponsored health coverage due to:

  1. An involuntary termination, OR
  2. A reduction of hours (voluntary or involuntary).

In the next couple days, we will send a follow-up email directly to a benefits administrator in your organization. This email will include one or two spreadsheets listing individuals we have identified as having lost their employer-sponsored health coverage back to October 31, 2019. In the spreadsheets, your organization will be asked to respond if these individuals lost eligibility for the employer contribution due to one of the two reasons noted above.

The email containing the spreadsheets will also include a link to guidance on how to complete the worksheets. We ask that you return these spreadsheets to us via FUZE as soon as possible but no later than within two weeks of receiving them.

We understand this request creates extra work for you, but unfortunately, we don’t have that detailed information, and appreciate your help to make sure we’re able to extend this valuable benefit to our shared members. Thank you for your efforts to make this happen.