SEBB My Account Update

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To enhance communication and awareness, we are providing GovDelivery notifications to alert Benefits Administrators (BAs) on the details of updates to SEBB My Account (SMA). We believe these notifications will provide better awareness of the developmental efforts to improve SMA and perhaps allow BAs to prioritize issues based on a more up-to-date knowledge of the issues being addressed within the program. See below for details on the latest update to SMA implemented Thursday 4/9/21:

  • Waive Medical checkbox: For some subscribers who were previously enrolled in SEBB benefits, had a break in coverage, and are now newly eligible, the Waive medical checkbox was not accurately saving the waive medical record.
  • Billing File Update: We have made an update to how the monthly billing files are named. Starting with the next billing file, you will see an invoice number (0001) before the date. (ex. 0001_2021-04-16_600xxx_billing.txt) Please use this invoice number when referring to all future billing file questions.
  • Dependents turning 26 report: A new report to identify any dependents who are turning 26 is available. You can search any date range and the report will populate any dependents who turn 26 during that date range, and when the dependent’s coverage ends.
  • Dependents with temporary SSN report: A new report to identify any dependents who do not currently have an SSN in the system, and currently have a temporary SSN assigned to them.
  • Change to adding coverage for dependents: As a newly eligible subscriber, benefits will be selected for the dependent at the point of adding the dependent demographics into SMA. They will not be able to move forward with adding the dependent into SMA if they do not enroll them in at least one coverage.
  • Spousal attestation update: When a subscriber chooses to enroll their spouse into medical coverage, question 1 for the spousal surcharge attestation will automatically be populated to YES and will require the subscriber to answer the remaining questions as applicable.
  • Termination reason of death: When selecting termination reason of death, the system will restrict any future dates from being populated.

Additionally, Outreach and Training is planning to release a short video that will demonstrate the changes associated with the “change to adding coverage for dependents” as well as the “spousal attestation update” items noted in this message.  The video’s will be posted on the SEBB BA site in the Notices and Updates page.  We will be adding a new section on the page titled “Staying Connected Videos” – which will list this and future videos.