SEBB My Account Update

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To enhance communication and awareness, we are providing GovDelivery notifications to alert Benefits Administrators (BAs) on the details of updates to SEBB My Account (SMA). We believe these notifications will provide better awareness of the developmental efforts to improve SMA and perhaps allow BAs to prioritize issues based on a more up-to-date knowledge of the issues being addressed within the program. See below for details on the latest update to SMA implemented Thursday 3/18/21:

  • Descriptions have now been added to Special Open Enrollment (SOE) events. When a subscriber selects an SOE event, directly beneath the event selection and date of event fields, they will see a description of the SOE event they have selected.
  • When attempting to remove coverage for a dependent loses eligibility SOE event, the remove coverage page was not allowing any changes to be made and was displaying in a read-only state. The remove coverage page has been fixed and allows the subscriber to remove dependent coverage.
  • When managing a subscriber account, the submit changes button is disabled on the employment and profile tabs until a change has been made on the page. For example, when entering a termination reason and termination date, the submit changes button will remain disabled, forcing the terminate coverage button to be properly submitted.
  • When downloading the billing file to an Excel file, the formatting of the columns where dollar amounts are displayed has been updated. Previously, the columns were displaying as “01,000.00” and now displays as “1000” which allows the AutoSum function in Excel to work.