SEBB My Account Update

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To enhance communication and awareness, we are providing GovDelivery notifications to alert Benefits Administrators (BAs) on the details of updates to SEBB My Account (SMA). We believe these notifications will provide better awareness of the developmental efforts to improve SMA and perhaps allow BAs to prioritize issues based on a more up-to-date knowledge of the issues being addressed within the program.

See below for details on the latest update to SMA implemented Thursday 2/11/21:

  • An enhancement has been made for enrolling dependents into coverage. Previously, on the coverage elections page, the portion to enroll dependents was shown at the bottom of the page. Now, this section has moved to the top of the coverage elections page. This change is made throughout SMA, to include SOE events. This change will further assist subscribers in remembering to add their dependents to the intended coverages, while also accurately reflecting the monthly medical premiums for their family composition.


  • In addition to several other recent fixes to premium surcharges displaying in SMA, we have made a fix to show all dependents, over the age of 13, on the premium surcharge attestation tab. This will allow subscribers to review the tobacco attestations for their full family, and to make changes, as necessary, to their tobacco attestations.


  • Additionally, we had a bug that was incorrectly displaying dependents under 13 to have a tobacco indicator of YES on the coverage summary tab. This has also now been resolved.


Additional SEBB Update:

On January 22, 2021, the SEBB Program sent notice to employees who either attested “yes” or defaulted into the $50 spousal premium surcharge for the 2021 plan year. This notice gave employees a deadline of 30 days to appeal this decision. If your employee wishes to appeal, please inform your employee to (1) follow the appeal instruction on the letter and (2) to provide any evidence showing the employee timely attested during the 2020 annual open enrollment.  Appeals received after the 30-day deadline will be considered untimely.