Certification end date updates and LTD billing adjustments

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We want to notify you about two recent issues in SEBB My Account (SMA):

Issue 1: Certification end dates now updated in SMA

Extended and disabled dependents with certification end dates were not being appropriately reflected as having coverage terminated in SMA. Coverage is terminated at the end of the certification, and SMA has now been updated to reflect this. There were no impacts to billing. If certification is extended, we will update the dependents’ enrollment accordingly.

Issue 2: Adjustments needed for 2021 supplemental LTD insurance premiums

We posted a revised monthly billing file in SMA on December 22 for employees’ January 2021 premiums. Unfortunately, this billing file did not include an update on which employees enrolled in supplemental long-term disability (LTD) insurance had moved into the next age bracket as of January 1. That would increase their supplemental LTD premiums for 2021.

Here are the 2021 SEBB supplemental LTD insurance premiums for each age bracket.

Next steps

  • The February monthly billing file, scheduled to be posted tomorrow (January 16), shows the correct supplemental LTD premiums for these affected employees. This file does not include the adjustment needed for the January monthly billing file.
  • We will provide an adjustment to these employees’ supplemental LTD premiums in the March billing file, posted in mid-February. This will recover the underpayment from January’s billing file, posted December 22. This file will show which employees in your organization should have been charged higher premiums for the next age bracket effective January 1.

Note: Once the higher 2021 supplemental LTD premium shows on an employee’s account, it will continue to show even for future reports displaying retroactive changes. For this reason, do not retroactively adjust the supplemental LTD premium to the higher amount when adjusting coverage months before January 2021.

For example, a report produced in January 2021 for an employee who has a retroactive medical plan change in November 2020 will still show the higher 2021 supplemental LTD premium on the November and December 2020 coverage month adjustment transaction line items.

We apologize for the oversight in not reporting this annual update in January’s billing file, and are taking the extra steps to correct it for March’s billing file.