Update in this month’s SEBB billing file

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Tonight, we will post the billing file to SEBB My Account (SMA) that we originally planned to post on December 16. This billing file resolves four previously identified issues, but also contains one new issue that we are actively working to resolve. We have chosen to post this month’s billing file with insights on the new issue, so that each district can determine how best to balance their payroll timelines and processes.

The good news is we’ve resolved several issues identified in the billing file generated in mid-November:

1. Charges or credits for spousal premium surcharges


The billing file generated in mid-November showed spousal premium surcharge charges or credits for some employees. Several of these adjustments were incorrect.

2. Retrospective changes for spousal premium surcharges


Some employees made spousal attestation changes during open enrollment for 2021, which may have resulted in retrospective changes in the billing file generated in November.  

3. Incorrect employees


Some billing files generated in 2020 showed employees billed to incorrect SEBB organizations. This affected about 250 individual accounts; mostly in billing files generated in September, October, and November.

4. Coverage changes for January 2021


The billing file generated in mid-November showed certain changes made by employees during open enrollment (such as removing dependents from SEBB coverage), which may have affected the monthly premium charged to these employees.

Employees’ changes made during open enrollment have an effective date of January 1, 2021. The billing file generated in November should not have included the open enrollment changes.

Despite these issues being resolved, we identified a new issue on Wednesday:

5. Missing dependents


Some changes involving dependents (adding or removing, premium surcharge attestations, or plan changes) made during open enrollment with an effective date of January 1, 2021, are not reflected in this month’s billing file (for example, under the “Health Family Composition” and the “Employee Health Premium Amount” columns). We estimate this issue affects up to 1,350 subscriber accounts.

Virtually all school districts have at least one employee affected by this issue. We are still assessing when a revised billing file will be available, but it will not be before December 22. Next week, we will either post a revised billing file or we will send a list of employees to each affected SEBB organization.

Your options are to:

  • Use only the revised billing file if your district can wait to access and process it. OR
  • Use the billing file posted tonight, knowing that you likely will need to make additional corrections later based on the revised file.

If possible, we urge you to wait until you can access the revised billing file. We will communicate our progress on posting a revised billing file that resolves this newly identified issue.

We know that ongoing billing issues are both frustrating and result in additional work. The reason many of these issues are occurring now is due to how open enrollment changes migrate within HCA systems. We are doing everything we can to fully resolve them so they are not repeated next year.

How will I find the adjustments for the issues described above in the billing file?

Key fields that you’ll need to reconcile your account are: