Billing File Update – Access Restored in SMA

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Good afternoon –

The database error that caused the November 20 billing file issue has been resolved. As of this afternoon, access to all prior billing files through SEBB My Account has been restored.

Will there be changes to the billing files?

The prior billing files were restored without any revisions or changes. December’s billing file will include individual line item corrections for any past billing file errors that stemmed from this situation, dating back to January 2020. Many of you may not see any corrections if your billing file was not impacted by this error. See the November 23 email to see if you were affected.

What if there are corrections in my December billing file?

If corrections are made in your December billing file, there will be one additional line for each correction. For every corrected line item, you will see either a “C” (if the employee was removed from your district), or an “I” (if the employee was added to your district).

  • Key fields you’ll need to reconcile your account Transaction Date: The date the transaction occurred.
  • Transaction Type: Indicates a credit (C) if the employee was removed from your district, OR an invoice (I) if the employee was added to your district.
  • Coverage Period: Indicates the coverage period, year and month (YYYYMM), the transaction relates to.

We apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused you, and sincerely appreciate your patience as we worked to resolve this situation.

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