Approved dependents with no elections, subscribers with security questions greyed out, and removing dependents from coverage

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To enhance communication and awareness, below is a GovDelivery notification to alert Benefits Administrators (BAs) of issues we’ve found either based on employees’ calls or through SMA reviews of open enrollment data.

Approved dependents with no elections:

There are a number of dependents currently in SEBB My Account that have been verified but have not made any benefits elections for them.

  • A report is available for districts to identify those dependents under Approved dependents with no elections
  • Your employees will have until the end of open enrollment (November 23 11:59 pm) to elect coverage for their dependents. 

Subscribers with security questions greyed out

Some employees have reported seeing greyed out security questions when attempting to log in with a new SAW account.

  1. To resolve this issue, benefits administrators should disassociate the subscriber’s account. 
  2. Benefit administrators with SMA user role of ‘Access Management’ can complete the following steps:
    • Search for subscriber under Manage Subscribers
    • Check box next to subscriber
    • Click on ‘Disassociate this subscriber account?’ – The subscriber will be prompted to re-claim their account upon next login.
  3. Once the account has been disassociated, the subscriber can return to SEBB My Account and follow the below steps:
    • Select employee/subscriber Login Here
    • Enter username and password through Secure Access Washington (SAW)
    • Once subscriber is routed back to SEBB My Account, they will be asked to verify their information:
      • Last name
      • DOB
      • Last 4 of SSN
    • Next they will enter new security questions and provide answers. Once complete, they will select “Claim this account & go to dashboard”

Removing dependents from coverage

Employees (subscribers) can remove their dependents from coverage during open enrollment. Some employees reported that they were unable to completely ‘remove’ dependent(s) from the ‘Manage dependents’ in SMA:

  • To update dependent elections:
    • Subscriber/employee navigates to: Coverage Elections
    • Update dependent enrollment with ‘Yes/No’ drop downs at bottom of page.
    • Submit changes.
    • Complete confirmations
    • Download a summary of Coverage Elections to view change(s) effective 1/1/2021.