SEBB My Account 11.13.2020

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To enhance communication and awareness, below is a GovDelivery notification to alert Benefits Administrators (BAs) on the details of updates to the SEBB My Account (SMA) program. We believe these notifications will provide better awareness of the developmental efforts to improve SMA and perhaps allow BAs to prioritize issues based on a more up-to-date knowledge of the issues being addressed within the program.

See below for details on the latest updates to SMA implemented this week:

  1. Release stopped retroactive terminations for dependents when coverage was waived for 2021.  This release corrected any records currently showing an incorrect retroactive termination date due to employee waiving coverage effective 1.1.2021 for the dependent.
  2. The ‘Accepted dependent verification documents’ link on the Document Upload tab opens the dependent verification guidance. Employees will no longer receive an error when they click on the link.
  3. Some subscribers were unable to make benefit elections and continued to be prompted to make attestations.  This has been resolved, subscribers with this issue should log in in SEBB My Account again and make elections, unless they were updated by a benefit administrator.
  4. Some districts have not updated their device with the current date and time after the November 1st time change. Subscribers and benefit administrators will be unable to login from a device that is not set to the current date and time. Please ensure that the district systems are set to Pacific Standard Time (PST).