Enrollment guide update, webinar reminder, and more

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Employee Enrollment Guide

The 2021 Employee Enrollment Guide is available on the SEBB Open Enrollment page of the SEBB website.

The enrollment guide is directed to newly eligible employees as an introduction to their SEBB benefits and not an open enrollment resource for employees currently enrolled. However, existing employees may find it a generally helpful resource that consolidates program information. The printed copies will be available for order later this year.

Appeals Process Webinar

Do you want to better understand the appeals process? Register to attend the webinar on November 6, 2020 from 10 am to 11 am. Guest speakers include members of the appeals unit.

Registration is available on the Training page of the BA website.

Employee has trouble logging into SEBB My Account

If an employee is having trouble logging into SEBB My Account (SMA) a BA with Access Management role assigned has the ability to disassociate the subscriber’s account.

Steps to disassociate an account:

  1. Select Manage Subscriber from your dashboard.
  2. Search for the affected employee.
  3. Check the box next to the employee name.
  4. Select the “disassociate this subscriber account”.

Disassociating an account does not affect enrollment, it simple releases the log in to be reclaimed by the employee.