It's time to report your SEBB optional benefits offerings to HCA

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It's time to report your SEBB optional benefits offerings to HCA

As you may know, the legislation that established the School Employees Benefits (SEBB) program requires districts to provide an annual report to the Health Care Authority (HCA) on the types of optional benefits that are offered by your district to your employees. As required by law RCW 28A.400.280(2), the deadline for reporting is December 1. However, because of the heavy workload related to the open enrollment this year, HCA will consider submissions that are submitted by December 15, 2020 as timely.

What optional benefits am I required to report?

Please report any optional benefits that are made available to your employees for the 2020-21 school year.

No reporting is needed for any professional liability insurance or for any benefit that is offered through the SEBB Program.

How do I report my district's optional benefits?

To simplify the process, please use this survey to report your optional benefits to HCA. It is best to complete this survey in one session. You may want to gather the necessary information below prior to starting the survey session.

The survey asks for the following information:

Type of benefit

  • If the benefit type is not listed, including any product related to health or wellness or other insured products, please include that information under “Other.”
  • Options listed are not meant to imply that districts have the authority to offer those optional benefits.
  • If you have no additional benefits available, please select "None."


  • Type the name of the carrier/insurer/vendor

Contract period

  • Choose the month in which the annual contract period begins.

Premium payment method

  • If there is a premium payment method that is not listed, please provide an explanation under “Other.”

Number of employees enrolled in the benefit

  • If the exact number is unknown, please provide a best estimate of the number of enrolled employees.

Whether the benefit is the same for all bargaining units

  • In other words, indicate whether the same employer/employee premiums, different level of benefit, etc., applies to all bargaining units, and provide a brief explanation if it is not the same for all bargaining units.

Deadline to submit survey

Please complete this survey by December 15, 2020.

Next steps

HCA/SEBB will review your district’s optional benefits and provide a written response noting whether any of the optional benefits conflict with SEBB benefit authority. Please email Cade Walker if you have any questions or concerns about completing this reporting process.