Updates on SEBB My Account, FUZE Responses and Billing Issues

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First off, thank you to those of you who have reached out to provide feedback on recent issues with the SEBB Program either directly to program staff, the Outreach and Training (O&T) team via FUZE or to the ERB Correspondence

This e-mail is to provide updates regarding several of the issues that have been brought to our attention. Based on feedback we have received, we have three specific areas we are working to address:

SEBB My Account 

Our development team has worked and continues to work on resolving several issues regarding SEBB My Account (SMA), including terminations and transfer situations, the September 1st effective date of coverage, and transitions between COBRA coverage and new employee benefits eligibility. More specifically:

  • Response time within the SMA application has been significantly improved.
  • Corrected coverage effective dates for newly eligible subscribers that were reported eligible prior to update of 1st day of school in September by SEBB organization.
  • The transfers/terminations/reinstatements issues have been resolved in SMA moving forward. However, subscribers that were affected by transfer/termination issue will have records resolved for accurate enrollment and billing in the near future.
  • Transitions between COBRA coverage and new employee benefits eligibility have been corrected moving forward. Again however, those subscribers reported as newly eligible prior to system correction are continuing to be corrected and will be resolved for accurate enrollment and billing in the near future.

Based on feedback, we started resuming regular GovDelivery email messages to provide Benefits Administrators with details about the latest SMA updates. We believe these messages will increase awareness of developmental efforts to improve SMA, and perhaps reassure Benefits Administrators that the issues they’re experiencing are being addressed within the system. This could potentially help reduce the number of FUZEs the O&T team is receiving regarding SMA.  We sent two messages via GovDelivery over the past two weeks. A copy of these messages is available here.

Our SMA development team also focused on making necessary updates for the annual open enrollment, which began on October 26. Immediately following that work, the team will resume their focus on resolving reported issues. We are dedicated to continuing to improve SMA’s efficiency and performance.

FUZE Response 

Our customer service team is employing strategies, to allow staff to process more FUZE incidents. As a result, we are seeing a decrease in the overall number of outstanding incidents and an increase in timely responses to Benefits Administrators. Thank you for your patience.


With regards to billing issues, once the eligibility records are corrected in SMA and interfaced to the insurance system, the invoices will auto correct. The inaccurate invoice records will reverse and will be replaced with the corrected records. Benefit Administrators will receive a response via FUZE as these are corrected.  Billing is run on the 15th of each month, updates will be reflected on the billing file.  In the future, some of it could be prevented by ensuring the first day of school is updated prior to adding newly eligible in September. 

We strongly recommend that districts reconcile their SEBB bill each month. This can help districts identify discrepancies, and can then notify SEBB of fixes or other issues with their employee benefits.

We recognize we still have work to do, and we are doing everything we can to make account corrections and to process FUZEs as quickly as possible. We sympathize strongly with your concerns and the concerns of your colleagues and employees. There have been some challenges in implementing the SEBB Program—especially in the midst of a pandemic. As the SEBB Program evolves over time, and we resolve these administrative challenges, we are confident the issues we are experienced will be resolved. In the meantime, we are dedicated to helping assist you with any problems that may arise.

-SEBB Program