SEBB My Account Updates

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To enhance communication and awareness, we are now providing GovDelivery notifications to alert Benefits Administrators (BAs) on the details of updates to the SEBB My Account (SMA) program. We believe these notifications will provide better awareness of the developmental efforts to improve SMA and perhaps allow BAs to prioritize issues based on a more up-to-date knowledge of the issues being addressed within the program.

See below for details on the latest updates to SMA implemented Friday 10/23/2020, and Monday 10/26/2020.:

  1. Subscribers with dependents in audit status, needing to provide eligibility documents, will see a banner in SEBB My Account reminding them to do so by November 23rd.
  2. Subscribers that answered spousal attestation knock-out questions of “No,” but overrode to “Yes” have been reverted back to an answer of “No.”
  3. Dependents that were in denied or pending status, where the enrollment period had expired, had their previous enrollments removed. Subscribers may elect to enroll dependents again during open enrollment or when they have special open enrollment events.
  4. Occasionally, when a dependent became a subscriber, the coverage effective date was not displaying with the new hire status of subscriber. This has been corrected.
  5. Corrected issue where newly eligible subscribers reported for September have appropriate effective date relative to 1st day of school
  6. Errors were reported for previous COBRA/LWOP subscribers that were reported as newly eligible prior to 10/16. Although the root cause has been fixed, the original subscriber accounts with errors have been identified and will be corrected in SMA by HCA.
  7. Benefit Administrators were experiencing continued issues with re-adding subscribers with a gap in coverage. This has now been resolved, and BA access can re-claim these accounts with no issue.
  8. Subscribers that were logging into SMA with a new SecureAccess Washington (SAW) account, were not seeing their security questions populated to answer. This has been resolved. Please have subscribers login again.
  • For subscribers that do not recall their previous SAW account username:
    • From within SMA, click on ‘Log into SEBB My Account’
    • Subscriber is directed to SecureAccess Washington, click on ‘Forgot username’
    • Enter email address and username will be emailed.