Update the first day of school

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Update the First Day of School in SMA

The start of the new school year is approaching and many districts are hiring new staff. It’s important that you update the first day of school in SEBB My Account (SMA) before entering new employees into SMA. This will ensure your newly eligible employees’ benefits begin on the correct day.

To update the first day of school:

  1. Go to the Organizational Profile tile in SMA.
  2. Update the date of the first day of school. If there are multiple dates within the district, enter the latest date. For example, if the high school and middle school begin on September 3, but the elementary begins on September 7, enter September 7. Educational Service Districts, enter the first working day in September.
  3. Click, ‘Submit Changes’.

You should update this date, no later than August 1 each year.

As a reminder, if the newly eligible employee’s first day of work is on or after September 1, but not later than the first day of school for the current school year, the employee is eligible for the employer contribution on their first day of work and benefits begin on that day. (WAC 182-31-040).