Dependent Verification Audit

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The Health Care Authority’s Audit and Accountability Division is conducting an audit of dependent verification on behalf of the SEBB Program. They are currently in the final phase of the audit.

The initial phase consisted of the review of available documents in SEBB My Account (SMA). The team was able to verify eligibility for the majority of the randomly selected dependents. For the final phase of the audit, employees will be required to provide dependent verification documents for dependents that could not be verified during the initial audit phase. The inability to verify the dependents during the initial phase was due to either dependent verification documents being insufficient or not being available in SMA for review.

Beginning next week, 763 letters will be mailed to employees requesting dependent verification documents. Employees will be required to provide documentation within 45 days of the date on the letter. Instructions for providing the documents will be included in the letter.

If you have employees included in the audit, you will be provided with a list of the employees required to respond. You will not receive a list if you do not have employees required to provide dependent verification. A sample of the letter will also be included.

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