DCAP election changes due to COVID-19

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DCAP election changes due to COVID-19

In light of school closures, day care disruptions, and general-purpose day camp closures this summer due to the COVID-19 state of emergency, many employees are wondering whether they can change their 2020 DCAP elections.

If their costs for dependent or elder care have changed, that cost change creates a special open enrollment (SOE). The employee has 60 days from the date of the cost change to increase or decrease their annual election.

The change must be consistent with the event that creates the SOE. For example, if the employee’s costs decrease because their day care facility closes, the employee can only decrease their election. Likewise, if the employee was forced to switch to a more expensive facility because their regular daycare was closed, resulting in an increase in cost, they can only increase their election. Keep in mind that employees decreasing their elections can only lower the annual contribution to the amount they have already contributed so far this year.

To make the change, the employee must submit the SEBB Change in Status form to their employer along with proof of the cost change. If you feel comfortable accepting an email from the employee describing their situation as proof of an SOE event, you may. It is essential that you continue to treat all employee requests equally.

Employees can change their Medical FSA elections only if they experience an SOE event that allows this change.