Health Care Authority Rulemaking Notice

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Health Care Authority Rulemaking Notice

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Proposal - Public Hearings (CR102)

182-500-0070 Medical assistance definitions - M
182-535-1050 Dental-related services - Definitions
182-535-1060 Dental-related services - Client eligibility
182-535-1066 Dental-related services - Medical care services
182-535-1080 Dental-related services - Covered - Diagnostic
182-535-1082 Dental-related services - Covered - Preventive services
182-535-1098 Dental-related services - Covered - Adjunctive general services
182-535-1245 Access to baby and child dentistry (ABCD) program
182-535A-0010 Orthodontic services - Definitions
182-535A-0020 Orthodontic treatment and orthodontic services - Client eligibility

Purpose: The agency is (1) adding a definition for managed care organization (MCO) into WAC 182-500-0070; (2) adding definitions for asynchronous, distant site, originating site, prepaid ambulatory health plan (PAHP), synchronous, and teledentistry to WAC 182-535-1050; (3) updating managed care language to clarify clients enrolled in an MCO or PAHP must receive their dental services through that MCO or PAHP; (4) updating WAC 182-535-1066 title; (5) replacing the current limitation of “once every six months” with “two times per client, per provider in a twelve-month period” in 182-535-1080; (6) adding a subsection to describe coverage for silver diamine fluoride; (7) adding a subsection to describe coverage for teledentistry; and (8) revising language about payment of enhanced fees. (WSR 18-17-187)

Permanent Adoption (CR103P)

Chapters 182-22, 182-23, 182-24, 182-25, Washington health plan and basic health plan administration

Purpose: The agency is repealing these chapter as the programs no longer exist. (WSR 18-18-012)