Health Care Authority Rulemaking Notice

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Health Care Authority Rulemaking Notice

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Preproposal - Notice of Intent (CR101)

182-513-1105 Personal Needs Allowance
Purpose: HB 2651 amends RCW 74.09.340 to increase the personal needs allowance for people in residential and institutional care settings. The agency is amending WAC 182-513-1105 to reflect the changes in HB 2651. 
(WSR 18-12-097)

Chapter 182-548 Federally qualified health centers
Chapter 182-549 Rural health services

Purpose: The agency is revising chapters 182-548 and 182-549 to reflect the changes being made to chapters 182-535 and 182-535A to comply with legislation in SSB 5883, Sec. 213(1)(c) regarding dental managed care plans. During the course of this review, the agency may identify additional changes that are required in order to improve clarity or update policy, such as managed care enhancement payments and managed care reconciliation process.
(WSR 18-12-099)

Permanent Adoption (CR103P)

182-546-0150 Client eligibility for ambulance transportation
182-546-0400 General limitations on payment for ambulance services

Purpose: The agency is removing all references to managed care from appropriate sections within Chapter 182-546 WAC. Effective January 1, 2018, the agency began covering all emergency and nonemergency ambulance services provided to Apple Health clients through fee-for-service, including those transports for clients in an agency-contract managed care organization.

 The agency filed emergency rules, effective January 1, 2018, under WSR 18-02-023 for this change. This rule making order completed the permanent rulemaking. (WSR 18-12-091)