Health Care Authority Rulemaking Notice

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Health Care Authority Rulemaking Notice

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Preproposal - Notice of Intent (CR101)

182-531-0250, -1715 Teaching Physicians

The Health Care Authority (HCA) requests withdrawal of the Preproposal Statement of Inquiry filed as WSR 18-04-054 on February 1, 2018 and distributed in the 18-04 State Register. 
(WSR 18-07-097 Withdrawal)

Chapter 182-535 WAC, Dental-related services
Chapter 182-535A, Orthodontic Services

Purpose: The agency is revising these rules to comply with legislation in Substitute Senate Bill 5883 for providing dental services through managed care. The agency is also adding language in Chapter 182-535 WAC for the coverage of teledentistry, as already allowed under WAC 182-531-1730.
(WSR 18-07-089)

182-552-1000 Respiratory care - Covered - Respiratory and ventilator equipment and supplies

Purpose: The agency is revising this section to (1) clarify the clinical criteria for the rental of a back-up ventilator; (2) revise the authorization requirements for ventilators; and (3) remove the outdated clinical criteria for ventilators for clients 17 years of age and younger.
(WSR 18-07-093)