Health Care Authority Rulemaking Notice

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Health Care Authority Rulemaking Notice

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Preproposal - Notice of Intent (CR101)

182-531-0250 Who can provide and bill for physician-related and health care professional services
182-531-1715 Teaching Physicians
Purpose: To establish rules for payment of services provided by resident physicians under the supervision of a teaching physician. (WSR 18-04-054)

Proposal - Public Hearings (CR102)

Chapter 182-04 Public Records
Purpose: The purpose of these amendments is to streamline Chapter 182-04 WAC and to revise the chapter to conform with Engrossed House Bill 1595 (65th Legislature, 2017, Regular Session.). The proposed rules:

  • Clarify the ways the public may make requests and how the agency sends the requested records
  • Provide that the agency must identify how specific exemptions cited apply to denials of public records
  • Allow the requestor to give factors for waiving or reducing copy costs Page 2 of 4
  • Require that an agency employee is present during records inspections
  • Specify denial notices include information about the requestor’s right to a review
  • Remove current costs for copying public records and state the agency charges for copies under the default fees in RCW 42.56.120
  • Require the agency to provide a requestor with copies of records at no charge when access is restricted
  • Specify the agency provide an estimate of costs and allow the requestor to limit the number of copies
  • Clarify the agency may deny part or all of a record and upon review, may affirm part or all of the denial

As part of its streamlining, the agency repealed several sections because the content of those rules is now addressed in other sections of the proposed rules. (WSR 18-04-060)