Health Care Authority Rulemaking Notice

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Health Care Authority Rulemaking Notice

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Emergency Adoption (CR103E)

This renews the current emergency filing that was set to expire.

182-526-100 Expedited administrative hearings for urgent health care needs.  Purpose: As required by new Federal rules, the agency is creating a new section (WAC 182-526-0100) under Chapter 182-526 WAC, Administrative Hearings, to allow for expedited administrative hearings for urgent health care needs. (WSR 17-24-033)

182-526-0290 Reinstating a hearing after an order of default or an order of dismissal. Purpose: The agency recently filed the permanent rules for Chapter 182-526 under WSR 17-05-066, filed February 13, 2017. This emergency rule corrects an error in subsection (4) and (6) of WAC 182-526-0290. In subsection (4), if an appellant fails to appear at the scheduled prehearing conference to address the petition to vacate, the order becomes a final order. The ALJ or review judge does not dismiss the matter with prejudice. In subsection (6), if the petition to vacate is not filed timely of the appellant fails to establish good cause to excuse any default or to reinstate the matter for hearing, the ALJ must issue an initial order, not a final order, dismissing the appeal. (WSR 17-24-034)