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Health Care Authority Rulemaking Notice

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Permanent Adoption (CR103P)

182-549-1100 Rural health clinics - Definitions
182-549-1450 Rural health clinics - General payment information
Purpose: The agency is amending WAC 182-549-1450, Rural Health Clinics – General payment information, to implement a new payment method that allows rural health clinics to choose to receive full encounter payments directly from a client’s managed care organization. Amendments were also made to clarify the timeframe for reconciliations under the current payment method. In WAC 182-549-1100, Rural health clinics – Definitions, the definition of "enhancements" is being amended to align with the new payment option and to clarify that supplemental payments are enhancements. (WSR 17-22-070)

Expedited Rulemaking (CR105)

Chapter 182-26 Washington Health Insurance Partnership (HIP) Program
Purpose: The agency is repealing this chapter, as the legislature repealed Chapter 70.47A RCW, the statutory authority for the HIP program. (See ESB 5316 – Chapter 25, Laws of 2017, 3rd Special Session, Section 23.)
(WSR 17-22-083)