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Health Care Authority Rulemaking Notice

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Permanent Adoption (CR103P)

182-513-1350, Community spouse resources
Purpose: This rulemaking is necessary to correct an error in WAC 182-513-1350 (6)(b)(i). The subsection should have read "…no more than three months before the month of the medicaid application." (WSR 17-18-023)

182-504-0125, 182-523-0100, Apple Health - Medical extension
Purpose: The agency is amending WACs 182-504-0125 and 182-523-0100 to clarify that a parent or caretaker relative who received coverage must also have been eligible for coverage in order to be eligible for extended medical coverage. The agency is also removing outdated information in subsection (9) of WAC 182-504-0125. Housekeeping changes are being made throughout.  
WSR 17-18-024