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Preproposal - Notice of Intent (CR101)

182-501-0160, Exception to rule - Request for a noncovered health care service, (Withdrawal 
WSR 17-09-059 Purpose:  The Health Care Authority requests withdrawal of the Preproposal Statement of Inquiry filed as WSR 17-07-032, distributed in the 17-07 State Register, regarding WAC 182-501-0160.

Proposal - Public Hearings (CR102)

182-500-0050; 182-503-0010, -0505; 182-504-0015; 182-505-0211; 182-514-0260; Suspending Medicaid during incarceration, (WSR 17-09-052) Purpose: The agency is amending these rules to comply with SSB 6430, which requires the agency to suspend, rather than terminate, the medical assistance benefits for people who are incarcerated or committed to a state hospital.

182-503-0005, Washington apple health - How to apply, (WSR 17-09-058)
Purpose: The agency is amending this rule to make it consistent with the current Medicaid application process and to align with Washington Healthplanfinder website changes.

182-548-1400, -1450; 182-549-1400, -1450, Federally qualified health centers (FQHC) and Rural health clinics (RHC)(WSR 17-09-060) Purpose: The agency is amending these rules in response to ESSHB 2572, which directs the agency to increase the use of value-based contracting, alternative quality contracting, and other payment incentives that promote quality, efficiency, cost savings, and health improvement for Medicaid purchasing. To improve clarity, the agency moved existing rule language from WACs 182-548-1400 and 182-549-1400 to new section numbers with new titles: 182-548-1450 FQHC – General payment information; 182-549-1450 RHC – General payment information. The agency previously filed these amendments under WSR 16-17-145 and held a Public Hearing on September 27, 2016.The finalizing of the rules was delayed. A second Public Hearing is required. No substantial changes were made to the proposed amendments. The effective date has been changed to July 1, 2017. Comments received under the previous filing were reviewed and responded to by the agency in a Concise Explanatory Statement.

185-531-1000; 182-544-0010, -0050, -0150, -0250, -0300, -0325, -0350, -0400,-0500, -0550, -0560, -0575, -0600, Vision Care, (WSR 17-09-067) Purpose: The agency is amending WAC 182-544-0325, Vision care – Covered eyeglass frames – Clients age twenty and younger, to add limitations for incidental repairs to eyeglass frames and replacement of lost or broken eyeglass frames. The agency is amending WAC 182-544-0350, Vision care – Covered eyeglass lenses – Clients age twenty and younger, to add limitations for lost or broken eyeglass lenses; add diagnosed medical conditions for coverage of polycarbonate lenses; and move subsections (3)(b) through (d) to subsection (1). The other sections of Chapter 182-544 WAC contain housekeeping changes only. WAC 182-531-1000, Ophthalmic services, contains housekeeping changes and adds clarifying language in regards to eye examinations.