OFM Service News – Reporting other State’s Income Taxes on W-2 forms processed in HRMS

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2020 Year End

For other State’s income taxes that will be reported on employees’ 2020 W-2 forms, agencies need to submit a request to OFM to configure the State ID number in HRMS. 

Review all employees that have withholding taxes from another state on the Agency State Income Tax ID’s spreadsheet. If your agency has already reported the State ID number(s) for other states, no action is needed. If not, the agency must complete the Employer's State ID form and submit it to the OFM Help Desk (email address below).

To ensure the information is included in the 2020 Year End process, the request must be submitted to the OFM Help Desk by 12/11/2020.

Note:  Agencies will need to complete manual adjustments in Tax Reporter (PU19) for other State’s taxes to be included on employees’ 2020 W-2 forms.



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