OFM Service News – NEW Retirement Process for New Hire & Rehire Employees

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OFM has made improvements to the HRMS New Hire and Rehire benefits process through the PA40 action. These changes were made both to support Department of Retirement System (DRS) process changes as well as streamlining to reduce unnecessary steps.    

Benefits Processors will no longer see the Get Offer screen in the New Hire and Rehire Actions. After completing the Payroll portion of the New Hire and Rehire Actions, HRMS will move directly to create a General Benefits Information (0171) infotype record followed by a Savings Plan (0169) infotype record and this will conclude the action. There is no need to manually finalize the Savings Plan (0169) infotype record using the PA30 action. HRMS will now allow you to finalize the record during the PA40 action!

We have added two new user procedures to the HRMS Support Hub to assist you through these steps in detail. You can find them within the Procedures section by selecting Benefits:

New Hire Action (BN) – Create New Hire Action

Rehire Action (BN) – Create Rehire Action

Because the Benefits section of the HRMS Support Hub is still under construction, they are provided as a PDF until they are converted to the newest web-page format. 


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