WSC Monthly Bulletin - July 2022

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July 2022

Service term exits

The end of the service year is quickly approaching, and we want all members to be prepared to successfully exit service. Members and site staff need to be prepared to complete the following requirements within 10 days of the member's last day:

-- Complete DocuSign exit paperwork sent by WSC

-- Submit all timesheets (final timesheet must be submitted ON (at the end of the last day) or AFTER the last day of service.

-- If requesting a prorated education award, have all required documentation ready to submit with exit docs.

COVID-19 Absences

Reminder -- Members, if you missed service hours this program year due to COVID-related issues, you must note those absences on your timesheet(s) as such in the Comments box. Contact your Coordinator if you have any questions.

Fill Your Boots!

Members, if your service site plans on hosting new members for 2022-23, please help them recruit!

Activities related to recruitment of AmeriCorps members count towards service hours. Spread the word about AmeriCorps and share positions with people you know who can serve!

Passing the Torch

Members, the experience and wisdom you've gained this year about your specific position is invaluable to the next member coming in to fill your shoes.

Please create or update a sustainability binder before you exit. Look for an email from your Coordinator with examples.

Returning to service?

Thank you to all our members who have made the decision to return to service for 2022-23! Be aware of the following when re-enrolling:

-- You must apply to the 22-23 listing on If currently serving, call AmeriCorps' Hotline at 1-800-942-2677 to request they unlock your account so you can re-apply.

-- You won't need to complete a new round of background checks if there will be less than 180 days between your term end and new term start.

-- Work with your WSC Coordinator to manage the exit/enrollment timeline, especially if you'll be exiting on 8/31 and plan to start a new term on 9/1.