NEW unemployment info for your taxes

Employment Security Department

Unemployment benefits are taxable

Every January, we send a 1099-G form to people who received unemployment benefits during the prior calendar year. If you received unemployment benefits during 2021, you’ll need this form to file your taxes. 

Where to find your 1099-G info 

We send 1099-G forms via postal mail and add an electronic copy to your eServices account. 

  1. Log in to your eServices account:
  2. Check for a web notice and new tab where you can view your 1099.

Get more info at 

Didn’t file an unemployment claim in 2021?

If you didn’t file a claim or weren’t paid benefits in 2021, getting this 1099-G means that you may be a victim of fraud. Criminals sometimes use stolen personal information to access legitimate unemployment claims, change banking information and file fraudulent weekly claims for benefits. 

You should go to ESD’s Unemployment Benefits Fraud web page and use our secure form to report fraud:

If you applied for or received benefits in 2021

Make sure this 1099-G shows benefits only for weeks that you actually claimed. To see which weeks you claimed, sign into your eServices account or call us at 800-318-6022. 

If this 1099-G includes benefits for weeks you didn’t claim, you may be a victim of fraud. Go to ESD’s Unemployment Benefits Fraud web page and use our secure form to report fraud:

If you’ve already reported fraud and our investigation is still in progress, please don’t submit another reporting form. We’re continuing to work through fraud reports. We investigate them all. 

If our investigation confirms fraud, we’ll send you a corrected 1099-G. We’ll send it via postal mail and electronically in eServices.  

Find more information and next steps for fraud victims at: