WSC Monthly Bulletin May 2021


May 2021

June job fairs!

Members, mark your calendar now for upcoming virtual job fairs we’re hosting in June. If you’ll be completing your service term in the next few months, this will be a great opportunity to network with employers interested in hiring AmeriCorps Alums.
Registration info will be emailed to you soon.
Contact Bryce Bateman 
with any questions.

Eastern WA – June 3, 1pm – 4pm
Western WA – June 10, 1pm – 4pm


"I have served for over six months with the Washington Service Corps [as] a Food Coordinator at North Helpline Food Bank. Our tight-knit group at the food bank has given me hope for what the future of community-building can look like. When I reframe how far we have come in the year that that COVID-19 has been ravaging our communities, I feel a mixture of hope, grief, and hesitancy. I am proud to be serving with North Helpline, and proud to be part of the bigger community building effort at play, throughout the pandemic and always."

-Delaney C.,
North Helpline

Lunch & Learns for site staff

We're hosting a Lunch & Learn session open to all current site staff on Tuesday, May 11, from 11:30-12:30pm. WSC staff will briefly review best practices for supporting your member(s), provide an overview of upcoming deadlines, and open up the floor for questions and discussion on any desired topics. This will be a great opportunity to connect with WSC staff and your fellow site staff, so please attend if you are able!

Check your inbox for an email from Bryce Bateman with the meeting invite, and follow up with Bryce by May 10 if you have not received it or if you have questions.

Celebrating Juneteenth

Juneteenth May Bulletin

Prior to each program year, WSC selects specific days for special service projects or events in order to promote and highlight the impact of service and volunteering.

For this program year, Juneteenth (June 19) was selected as one of those days. However, given that Juneteenth has historically been a day of celebration, we’re not asking you to serve that day (unless part of your normal service schedule), but we do hope you’ll celebrate it. We’re aware that many in the Pacific Northwest are not familiar with this day, so we’re asking all of our members to spend some time learning the history behind it, why it’s important to recognize and celebrate it, and continually learn, practice and promote diversity, equity and inclusion across all spectrums. Up to two hours of service time can be used for this purpose.

We encourage you to start with the video above, and look for more resources to be shared in the June bulletin.

Due May 31

Site staff, the next member evaluation is due by May 31.

This is the perfect time for you to revisit the professional development plan that was hopefully discussed during the first evaluation, and reflect on the progress your member has made.

2021-22 RFA

Member slot awards for WSC's 2021-22 program year are filling up quickly! 
Site staff are highly encouraged to submit an application at your earliest convenience.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Leave and alternative service

As the sunny season approaches, please review the WSC leave policy if you plan to be absent during a scheduled service day.

You may also discuss alternative service options with your site staff if any hours need to be made up.

The path ahead

Members, have you started thinking about what you’ll do after your current term ends?

Think about serving again! Ask your site if they’re looking to refill your position. If they’re not, visit our website for available positions.

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