WSC Bulletin - Feb/Mar 2021

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February & March 2021

AmeriCorps Week

March 7-13 is AmeriCorps Week - a nationwide celebration of those who are serving in our communities, and the programs and organizations that make it possible!

Please take this opportunity to help spread the word about AmeriCorps through social media, blog posts or email (or even in person, if you can safely do so through social distancing).

Member development

Site staff, in January we invited you to utilize our member professional development plan to review with your member during their first evaluation, to get an idea of how they can be best supported for what they plan on doing after AmeriCorps.

If you haven't had a chance yet, please prioritize this conversation to identify goals and action items prior to their second evaluation.

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Winter Self-Care

Winter can be a difficult time for many members. The effects of the cold weather, short days, and COVID distancing impact everyone in different ways, and we encourage you to take some time to care for yourself to ensure you’re in a position to thrive. If you need help developing a self-care plan, check out “Self-Care in a Time of Crisis” found in the Course Catalog within your Talent LMS account.

You can also reach out to the Member Assistance Program (MAP) if you feel like you need additional support with mental health or self-care practices - more information about this free program can be found on our website.


"As I look to the months of uncertainty ahead, I am grounded by the notion that even the smallest things, even the things that only help a few people, even the actions that I may never see the result of, are a service, and just might spread a little more humanity - a community lifeline that we all desperately need." 

- Susanna T., King County Office of Emergency Management

Due March 15

Second quarter project reporting and stories of service are due by March 15.

Please contact your WSC Coordinator if you need assistance.

Host site RFA now open

We are now accepting applications from organizations interested in hosting AmeriCorps members for the 2021-22 program year! Site staff, please share with partners in your network, or send a note to your Coordinator of those we should reach out to.

March member "meet-up"

Our state's service commission will be hosting virtual networking sessions in March open to all AmeriCorps members across the state.

If you'd like to connect with fellow AmeriCorps, you must pre-register using one of these links:

Mar 17 noon - 1p (Eastern WA)

Mar 18 noon - 1p (Western WA)