WSC Monthly Bulletin - May 2020

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May 2020

Reporting food assistance service

Members, if your service during the COVID-19 outbreak has shifted to helping with food insecurity, please look for an email your WSC Coordinator just sent out. We've been asked to share some quick data points with the Governor's office. 

Wellness sessions for members

Serve Washington just expanded their invitation to their online self-care sessions for members! Click here to join through Zoom.

Resiliency & Service Wellness
May 8
9:00-10:00, 1:00-2:00

Begin with Balance
May 8
11:00-noon, 3:00-4:00

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Katy Rasmussen would normally be serving at Pioneer Elementary in Olympia as a Washington Reading Corps tutor, but had to pivot when schools closed due to COVID-19. Through WSC's emergency response program, Katy is continuing her service term at the Thurston County Food Bank.

With so many people currently out of work, our local food banks still need help organizing and distributing supplies! If you're in need of alternative service, please ask your WSC Coordinator about opportunities in your area.


Due June 15

Third quarter data reports and stories of service are due June 15. Even if there was no project-related service during the last quarter due to COVID-19 closures, please submit your data and enter a zero where necessary for outputs or outcomes.

If you didn't submit a 2nd quarter report, please add to 3rd quarter.

Connecting with program peers

Some of our site staff may remember a nationwide listserv created by CNCS years ago for AmeriCorps program staff to share information, challenges and ideas with each other. The listserv eventually came down due to lack of resources and funding.

Well, we just got word that the AClist has been revived! Program staff can learn more and sign up here (it's free).