COVID-19 action alert

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COVID-19 action alert

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Our agency's top priorities right now are:

  1. To get benefits out more quickly to those who are eligible
  2. Expand eligibility for those who can utilize these benefits
  3. Help employers find staff for essential job

We are seeing unprecedented demand for our services right now, but we are committed to getting you the help and information you need as quickly as we can.

Check out our updated COVID-19 page

Take a look at the worker Q&A on our COVID-19 webpage. We updated it today with new information on the federal stimulus legislation.

What is the federal stimulus legislation?

A sweeping stimulus package was signed into law today. We are evaluating the impact this federal legislation will have, but it appears to be a positive and important measure that will help many people in Washington and across the country.

Here are three ways benefits and access to unemployment are expanded:

  1. Many people who don't usually qualify for unemployment benefits because they are self-employed or don't have the typically required 680 hours will be covered under this legislation.
  2. An additional $600 each week will be paid to those on unemployment, for up to four months. (Some individuals will also receive $1,200, but that is not connected to unemployment and will come directly from the federal government.)
  3. Unemployment benefits will be available for longer, up to 39 weeks (usually it is up to 26 weeks).

Stay tuned

We know you have many more questions, and we will continue to provide regular updates here, as well as through our social media channels, as this situation quickly evolves.

The Employment Security Department Commissioner, Suzi LeVine, provides periodic video updates as well, which you can see on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

We're hiring!

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