WSC Monthly Bulletin - January 2020

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January 2020

Reflecting on 2019

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2019 was a year of growth and service for WSC. Our mission is to facilitate service through a diverse and purposeful team of Service Corps members who make a difference for beneficiaries and communities while exploring their own career paths.

WSC has grown through our attention to our customers. We have been working diligently to listen to both our sites and our members to bring you improved training and services. We have made significant investments in our training, IT systems, communications, business processes and our gear. We will continue to look for opportunities to improve and increase the value of the program. We know that we have more improvements to make.

Service has never been more important than it is now; communities across the state have varying socio-economic and educational resources that meet the needs of some, but not all, and the health of our environment has been neglected to the detriment of the citizens of our state. The vision of WSC is that, through service, every Washingtonian will have support to create economic resources, engage needed education, and have access to natural environments in which they can flourish. Each of us individually through our service has the power to make connections with people who are different than we are, and collectively, we can build a stronger future. Through building bridges - neighbor to neighbor - we have the power to provide educational resources to all who desire them and support the economic well-being of each of us, while cultivating a healthy and vibrant planet.

In 2020, Washington Service Corps will continue to grow and align with the landscape of our local communities so that service remains a relevant, accessible option for members and service sites alike. We want to be an effective and efficient program that makes a difference for all who take part in this partnership - members, sites, and beneficiaries.

We're grateful that you’ve joined us in this service experience. Our work together isn’t finished - here's to a prosperous new year of continued growth and service that values both people and planet.

Cheers, and Happy New Year!

James Trujillo, WSC Director

Paid Family Medical Leave

Members, you may soon hear about the launch of a new Washington State benefit program called "Paid Family Medical Leave". As AmeriCorps members are not considered employees, please note you will not be eligible for this program while serving.

2019 W2 forms

Members, 2019 W2 forms will be mailed out this month to the same address you're receiving your stipend statements. If you don't receive your W2 by February 14, please notify your WSC Coordinator.

Member evaluations due January 31

Site staff: the first of two performance evaluations for your member(s) is due by January 31. Access the evaluation form here and email a scanned copy to your WSC Coordinator after reviewing with each member and signing.

This is also a great time to discuss your member’s professional growth goals for the rest of the service term - please speak about this when you meet to review the evaluation so you can start to identify what resources or training opportunities your organization or community can provide between now and the end of their term.

Tracking service hours

Members, now is a great time to confirm whether you're on track to complete your term with the minimum number of required service hours, so that if you're a little behind, you and your site staff can make a plan to gradually catch up on those hours, instead of scrambling near the end.

(1) Log in to TimeTracker, and using your most recent timesheet, look at Total Hours (NOTE: your site staff must approve ALL of your timesheets in order to see all of your hours served!).

(2) Compare your hours served with our tracking sheet to see where you should be by any given pay period, in terms of hours served.

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