WSC Monthly Bulletin - November 2019

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November 2019

Planning for holiday absences

With the winter holidays quickly approaching, please make sure that you're aware of WSC’s leave policy. Site staff and members should work on a plan together prior to any time off to ensure members remain on track to meet service hour goals.

Site staff, if your member's service site will be closed for an extended period of time over the holidays, please familiarize yourself with our alternative service policy so they can continue to serve and accumulate hours during the site closure. Find out more under POL#122 Managing Alternative Service.

If you have questions about planning for time off or alternative service, contact your WSC Coordinator as soon as possible.

Winter safety

As the days get chillier, we want to remind you of a couple safety tips to help you enjoy this winter accident-free:

Click here to learn how to get your car ready for winter, and drive safely.

Follow these tips to avoid slips and falls on icy surfaces.

Have to shovel snow? Make sure to warm up your muscles first, bend at the hips and lift with your legs!

WSC member regionals

wsc members at Grand Mound training

Regional training sessions for Service Corps members just wrapped up - we hope you found it fun, helpful and a great networking opportunity. Member regional training materials were sent out on November 1; please email Sabrena Neff if you didn't receive them.

If you didn't attend, we'll have a make-up training available online in March.

READING CORPS MEMBERS, the WRC Training Institute is November 13-15, and attendance is required. If you just started service and haven't RSVP'd, please contact Katrina Stensgaard.

Your service matters!

wsc impact infographic number 3

Click on the image above to check out our rad new infographic about the impact our members made as a result of their AmeriCorps service last year - these numbers are impressive!

Due Dec 16: stories and progress reports

Members, your Quarter 1 story of service is due next month. Here are a few tips:

- We'd like to hear how your service has impacted those you're serving. Review our tip sheet for how a short story can be written.

- If you just started serving, we know you probably won't have a "then and now" story, so tell us about your project and what you're looking forward to during your term.

- Check out these awesome stories from last year's members.

- Upload a pic of yourself in gear with your story.

Site staff, the Q1 report will launch in America Learns around December 2. If you're new this year, please review our instructions and FAQs on our website.


Start planning now for your MLK Day service project - especially if you'll need to recruit community volunteers to get the project done!

We'll be sending a new toolkit soon to help you get started.

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