WSC Monthly Bulletin - July 2019

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July 2019

Program Year 2018-19

Input requested

Members, what is one piece of advice you could give to next year's members about making the most of their term?

Serve Washington, our state's service commission, would like your feedback on this, and a few other questions about your AmeriCorps experience to help them shape an alumni panel being hosted at their annual Swearing-In Ceremony in the Fall.

Please take a moment to fill out their survey, and share with other alumni you may know.


Life After: what's next?

Are you pondering what's next for you after your term ends?

Think about serving again! You can serve up to four full terms in AmeriCorps, and earn up to two full education awards.

Inquire with your service site if they're looking to fill your position. If they're not, visit our website for available positions.

Preparing for Life After

Members, have you completed our Life After AmeriCorps training yet? If not, go to our website to learn more about using your education award, updating your résumé, interviewing tips, and more.

Life After AmeriCorps is a core required training that must be completed before the end of your term.

Upon completing this and all other required trainings, please let us know what other training you received from your service site this year. Thanks!


Life After tip: job searching

DYK: 80% of job openings aren't advertised! This is why networking is critical to landing the job of your dreams.

Quick tips:

- Create a "60 second commercial" about your skills and experience.

- Visit your local WorkSource office for a free consultation to update your résumé and create a free WorkSourceWA account.

We have new phone numbers!

As of July 1, we've moved to a new phone system, so all WSC staff have new office numbers. Our Who We Are page has been updated with our new contact info.

Post-term reminders

- Your education award should be available in your MyAmeriCorps Portal 30 days after your term ends.

- If you signed up for WSC health insurance when you enrolled, you will no longer have that coverage starting the day after your term ends. Start researching now for a new plan to transition to.

Have questions? Contact your WSC Coordinator for assistance.

Leaving your legacy

Members, will there be someone new taking your position after you leave? Then don't forget to create a "sustainability binder" with critical project info to help give them a running start.

TIP: include materials you created, advice about events you held, and important contacts you made related to your project goals.